Paul Urey, who was held by Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine and accused of being a mercenary, died on Friday, according to officials.

Paul Urey who worked as a British aid was apprehended in late April in southeast Ukraine and charged with “mercenary activity” by separatists in the DPR, a rebel country recognized only by Russia, Syria, and North Korea.

Daria Morozova, the DPR’s human rights advocate, stated on social media that Urey had diabetes as well as respiratory, kidney, and cardiovascular difficulties.

“Despite the gravity of the alleged crime, Paul Urey was provided with appropriate medical care. However, due to his diagnosis and stress, he died on July 10. “She stated.

In late April, the Russian military arrested Urey and another British citizen, Dylan Healy.

In May, the head of Presidium Network, a non-profit assistance organization with which Urey had contact, revealed to ITV news that he had diabetes.

The mother of Mr. Urey then said that her son was on a humanitarian trip, that he had diabetes, and that he required insulin.

While Dylan Healy worked for a hotel chain in the UK, Paul Urey, who is originally from Manchester and Warrington in the North of England, is shown by Presidium Network as a parent who did not serve in the military but instead spent eight years in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor.

Briton Paul Urey Cause of Death

Briton Paul’s cause of death has not been revealed, however, Paul had diabetes as well as respiratory, kidney, and cardiovascular which might be related to his death.



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