After signing for Manchester United in England, Bruno Fernandes has become a household name in the sport. Bruno was a fantastic player even when he was at Sporting FC, but it was after joining the Red Devils that his true potential was revealed.

In his debut season at United, he had a significant influence. Bruno might be considered Manchester United’s best signing in recent years. In midfield, the Portuguese have offered much-needed inventiveness.

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes is currently married to Ana Pinho. The couple has two children, Matilda and Goncalo Fernandes.

Despite the presence of major players in the club, his talent has not faded, and he has emerged as the team’s best player. After Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United, his popularity was threatened, but he has proven that he is more than a footballer.

Bruno married his sweetheart in a wedding ceremony on December 23, 2015. Ana Pinho is the Portuguese’s wife. Their relationship began when they were both in high school in Boavista. Both of them were in the same class, and Bruno had fallen in love with Ana.

In January 2017, Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes had their first child. Matilde Fernandes was the name chosen by the couple for their daughter, their second child was born in September 2020, he is called Gonçalo Fernandes.


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