Carolina Panthers Jerseys

Carolina Panthers are an American professional football team. They compete in the National Football League(NFL) as members of the National Football Conference (NFC) South division. The club was established in 1993 and began its first play in 1995. The club’s home stadium is the Bank of America Stadium in Uptown Charlotte. The Panthers are one of the only two teams to receive support from multiple states. Also, regarding the NFC, the Panthers are the newest club in the NFC.

What are the colors of the Panthers?

In 1993, during the club’s establishment, it was agreed upon that their colors will be white, black, and blue. The shade of blue they wanted was processed blue but gradually as time went by some changes have taken place and now the; Panthers have their colors to be black, panther blue, and silver.

Carolina Panthers Jersey.

The team’s uniform has remained largely the same since its creation, with just a few changes such as changing the sock color of the team’s black uniforms from blue to black and changing the team’s shoes from white to black.

The Panthers have three main jersey colors: black, white, and blue. Their blue jerseys; their alternate uniforms, were introduced in 2002. NFL regulations allow the team to use the blue jersey up to two times in any given season.



In all other games, the team must wear either their white or black jerseys per the rules of the NFL. Usually, the Panthers opt for white or blue when the weather is expected to be hot and for black when the weather is expected to be cold.

The Panthers typically pair their white jerseys with white pants and blue socks.


While the black and blue jerseys are paired with silver pants and black socks; there have only been a few exceptions to these combinations probably twice. During a game against the Denver Broncos, the Panthers paired their black jerseys with new black pants. This created an all-black uniform, with the exception of blue socks and silver helmets.


The decision to wear blue socks was made by team captain Steve Smith, who felt the blue socks gave the uniforms a more distinct appearance compared with other teams that have all-black uniforms. Management then said the Panthers intended to use the all-black uniform more in the future. During the Panthers’ 2015 Thanksgiving Day game against the Dallas Cowboys, they debuted an all-blue uniform as part of Nike’s “Color Rush” series.

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