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Cartoonist Calvi Biography, Wife, Children, Cause of Death, Net Wort At Death

Cartoonist Calvi Biography

Born on September 3, 1938, in Besançon,  Philippe Vallancien popularly known as Cartoonist Calvi was a French cartoonist, caricaturist, and illustrator.

He was said to have worked on a lot of projects including courtroom sketches during various trials, including that of Klaus Barbie, head of the Gestapo in Lyon during the Occupation,

Cartoonist Calvi Biography
Cartoonist Calvi

He has worked on other projects like the sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987, and Maurice Papon, sentenced in 1998 for complicity in crimes against humanity for his role in the deportation of Jews between 1942 and 1944.

Cartoonist Calvi has worked on other comic books like albums featuring the character of Astrobald, a little extra-terrestrial created for France Soir, parachuted into Pompidou’s France, as well as a “history of France from Clovis to Nicolas 1er”, published in 2008.

Cartoonist Calvi Wife

Cartoonist Calvi was married to his beautiful wife by the name of Susie Derkins

Cartoonist Calvi Children

Cartoonist Calvi is known to be a father of two children with his wife Susie Derkins

Cartoonist Calvi Cause of Death

Cartoonist Calvi was said to have a very natural death as he passed away peacefully. He died on April 11, 2022, at the age of 83.

Cartoonist Calvi Net Worth At Death

Cartoonist Calvi has a net worth of $1 million at the time of his death

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