The third child born to Boris and Marina is Cassia Peaches. The only other thing we know about Cassia is that she studies at Trinity College in Dublin. She attended the Highgate School in North London, which costs £18,000 a year to attend, and there she created the alumni magazine Cholmeleian.

Under the pen name Lara Johnson-Wheeler, she works as a presenter, editor, and writer. She even started her own periodical journal in 2016 called (un)fold, which explores the “relationship between mental health and creativity.”

She is a devoted classicist, just like her father, gaining an A in Latin for her A-Level and going on to study at St Andrews, the elite institution attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton, where she received a Master’s of Arts in Latin and Comparative Literature.

Writing for The Spectator, British Vogue, the Evening Standard, and SHOWstudio, she has an illustrious journalism career.

Boris Johnson is known for having a sizable family of his own. The Prime Minister has at least six children and is expecting a seventh, though he has never publicly stated how many.

With his second wife, Marina Wheeler, he had four children; with his third wife, Carrie Symonds, he had one child from an extramarital relationship; and with Helen Macintyre, he had one child altogether.



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