Chloe Arnold Height: How Tall is Chloe Arnold?

Chloe Arnold is a well-known tap dancer and choreographer who became famous for winning the first crew battle on So You Think You Can Dance with her dance group Syncopated Ladies. She was born on August 5, 1980, in the United States of America.

Chloe became a model for PM magazine when she was just four years old and started dancing when she at six years. When was around thirteen years old, she trained as a tap dancer and learned ballet, jazz, and modern dance at Toni Lombre’s Taps and Company.

She was a student at Wheaton High School where she was involved in sports activities. Aside from that, she was also very good academically as she won The Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship, the Project Excellence Award and the Toyota Scholars Award in high school.

Upon completing high school, she gained admission to attend both Harvard and Columbia University but she chose to attend Columbia University to study theatre, film, and dance.

Chloe is also known to have studied acting at the New York Film School, Bill Duke’s Actor’s Boot Camp and Debbie Allen’s Uta Hagen-based acting class. She has taught dance at The Broadway Dance Center where she taught dance at P. Diddy’s Summer Camp Texas and The Debbie Allen Dance Institute and Academy in Los Angeles.

Chloe Arnold Height: How Tall is Chloe Arnold?

Chloe Arnold’s height is not known yet. The update will be given soon.

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