Chloe works as a marketing professional in the marketing industry. She was raised in Bicester, Oxfordshire, and is now 25 years old.

Chloe Burrows appeared on the revived Love Island during its seventh season as she finished in the top two. Chloe entered the Big Brother house on Day 1, 58 days after she tied for second place with Toby Aromolaran.

She is full of life and always seems to be doing something to make everyone around her happy and giddy with laughter.

Chloe’s relationship with Toby was revealed after the season ended. During the seventh season of Islanders, Chloe and Toby competed and ended up in second place overall, earning them the title of the runner-up. Among the female participants,

Chloe scored the fewest votes and thus found herself in the bottom three. AJ had been picked to be left out of the group, but because of their decision, she was spared. Both Chloe and Toby snuck out of the villa on Day 54 to go on one more date.

Does Chloe Burrows Have a Sister

Chloe Burrows, who is known for her role on Love Island, has a younger sister named Bridie Burrows. Bridie is in her twenties now.

Both Chloe and Bridie trace their roots back to Bicester, which is located in Oxfordshire. Since she says “UoS” in her Instagram bio, it would indicate that Bridie is currently enrolled in higher education.

Follow Bridie on Instagram at @bridieburrows; she has just over 6,000 people following her already.

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