The highly anticipated seventh season of Big Brother Naija has started broadcasting on television. Ebuka hosted the event on July 23 and did a fantastic job. There are currently 25 housemates on the show, and they’re all vying for a spot in the $10,000 grand finale.

For the “Level Up” season of BBNaija 2022, Chomzy is the nineteenth housemate to move into the big brother’s home. Twerking, traveling, and stitching are just a few of Chomzy’s modest pleasures. She sees herself as a clever, devoted supporter of the people who despises spies and traitors.

She has been praised for her work in academia and charity, and she hopes that the show will help her become well-known and wealthy. Chomzy finds pageants and modeling fun. Chomzy’s humble pleasures include twerking, traveling, and sewing. She considers herself to be an intelligent, committed, and anti-spy who hates traitors and spies.


Big Brother Housemate Chomzy
Big Brother Housemate Chomzy

According to Chomzy, her family is the best in the entire globe. Although my family is really close and gets along well, I may be the one who is preferred. This firecracker is ready for love when it shows up despite being alone.

Who Are Chomzy BBNaija’s Parents?

Chomzy has not mentioned the names of her parents yet but she mentioned that her dad is in Gabon whiles her mom is in Nigeria.


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