Chomzy berates Phyna for snatching Groovy from Beauty

Recall that BBNaija Housemates went on a date to the movies where most of them seized the moment to talk about some contentious issues that had arisen in the house in the past few days.


Phyna was questioned by Chomzy about her friendship with Groovy when the conversation became intensified. She questioned Phyna about her decision to date Groovy despite her best friend Amaka who has presently been evicted knowing about it.

As Chomzy remarked, “Get him for your friend yet you slept on his bed,” a remark that turned things on their head during their otherwise healthy conversation.


Chomzy went on to question Groovy about why he started dating Phyna a few days after Beauty was disqualified, and Groovy responded by informing her that their relationship ended before Beauty was disqualified.


It appeared as though Chomzy was attempting to learn more personal information about Phyna and Groovy’s romance. Meanwhile, fans of the show have unanimously said that Phyna betrayed Amaka, while others disclosed that Chomzy is also interested in Groovy.

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