Christopher(Chris) Wallace is an ex-Fox journalist who currently works for CNN. Wallace was born on October 12, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. He was born to Jewish parents, Mike Wallace and Norma Kaphan.

Wallace had his high school education at the Hotchkiss School and later had his college education at Harvard College. It was in college that he started his radio career. He first reported news on-air for WHRB, which happens to be the student radio station at Harvard college.

Wallace began his career professionally at the Boston Globe, which is a daily newspaper organisation in America. He later left and began his network journalism career at NBC in 1975. He stayed with NBC for 14 years before leaving to work for ABC.

He worked for ABC also for 14 years and left in 2003 to join Fox News. He became the host for Fox News Sunday and hosted the show till he left Fox News. Wallace was with Fox News for 18 years before finally in December 2021 during an episode of Fox News Sunday, he made it known he was leaving. It was revealed later on that he had been hired by CNN to be the host of a new program for its streaming service CNN+.

Chris Wallace Children: How Many Kids Does Chris Wallace Have?

Chris Wallace has six children. Four out of the six are his biological children, they are Peter Farrell Wallace, Megan Wallace, Andrew Wallace, and Catherine Wallace. The other two are his stepchildren. They are Sarah Smothers and Remick Smothers.


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