Christopher Pratt was a Canadian painter and printmaker. Christopher Pratt’s paintings cover a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, waterscapes, ships, and the human form.

He challenges us to think about how the contemporary world and progress are changing Newfoundland through these works by Christopher Pratt.

Christoper Pratt
Christoper Pratt

The majority of the photographs are the result of his own creative endeavors. People, places, and events that have been sifted through his pursuit for order and simplicity are reflected in them.

As a result, they are placed somewhere between the real world and the realm of fantasy. A timeless and idealistic aura pervades the works. Pratt is able to do this by focusing on the design’s abstract features.

Flat surfaces and frontal compositions characterize these pieces. The works of art are meticulously planned and executed. The subject has been purged of any non-essential elements. The commonplace becomes archetypal through the process of abstraction.

Christopher Pratt Children: Meet Barbara Pratt, Ned Pratt, John Pratt, Anne Pratt

Christopher Pratt and his ex-wife, Mary Pratt had four children. Barbara Pratt, Ned Pratt, John Pratt, and Anne Pratt are their children.

Barbara Pratt

As a Canadian artist, Barbara works in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s in Newfoundland. Pratt was raised in St. Catherine’s, Newfoundland, a little fishing village on St. Mary’s Bay.

After graduating from Acadia University, she attended Rothesay Netherwood School. With a concentration on clothing in her early work, she focused mostly on depicting the human form.

Ned Pratt

Ned is a Newfoundland-based Canadian photographer. Pratt was raised in St. Catherine’s, Newfoundland, a little fishing village on St. Mary’s Bay.

Following his graduation from Acadia University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, he enrolled in the University of British Columbia to pursue a degree in architecture.

At the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, he got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

John Pratt

John is the captain of Prospects Under 16 Red cricket squad. He has twice represented South Australian primary schools in international competitions.

Anne Pratt

Anne Pratt is the fourth child of Christopher Pratt. Her siblings are Barbara Pratt, Ned Pratt, and John Pratt.


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