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Clara Elizabeth So: All You Need to Know About Anna Chlumsky’s Daughter

Clara Elizabeth So is the second child of Actress Anna Chlumsky and her husband Shaun So. Clara is believed to be born in July of 2016 and is currently 6 years of age.

He is the grandson of  Nancy L. Chlumsky and Frank Chlumsky. She is also known to have an uncle by the name of  Frank Chlumsky.

Clara’s mother Anna Maria Chlumsky is an American actress. She began her career as a child actress, best known for playing the lead role of Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl.

Her father also happens to be Shaun So who is a veteran, entrepreneur, and celebrity partner, as well as a media persona and Internet celebrity.

Clara Elizabeth So has an elder sister who is also known by the name of Penelope So who was also born in July 2013.

Clara’s mother, Anna was born in Chicago, Illinois and happens to be the child of Nancy and Frank Chlumsky. Anna’s mother was a singer while her father worked as a chef and saxophone player.

According to reports, Clara and her sister Penelope are very close as they share a very strong bond. Penelope is 3 years older than her younger sister Clara.

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