Jerseys are uniforms worn by sports personnel indicating the group they are a part of. In baseball, the jerseys are usually shirts, trousers, caps.

The game of baseball requires its teams to have a home, away, and alternative jersey. The home jersey of the Guardians is white in color; shirt and trousers.

Their away jersey is grey; shirt and trouser. For their first alternative jersey, white and red; red shirt and white trousers. The second alternative is navy blue and grey; navy blue shirt and grey trousers.

What will be the Cleveland Guardians Colors and Jersey in 2022?

The Cleveland Guardians although have gone through a name change but will not change their colors. They continue to be navy blue, red, and white even in 2022.

According to a release, the no change in color is to honor our rich baseball heritage as well as the tradition of baseball as America’s pastime.

For the home and away jerseys, the scripted style of the Indians homes jersey wordmark, which has been in use since 1994 remains with the Guardians but (obviously) with the name changed.

The style of the font has been adjusted, a more angular design that evokes memories of the 1970s style Indians jerseys, but is also meant to mimic the trusses on the underside of the Hope Memorial Bridge.

This scripted mark will be worn across the chest of the home white and home alternate red jerseys.

They will continue to wear CLEVELAND on the road uniforms, featuring the Bridge Print alphabet derived from the Diamond C, and the Guardians script wordmark on the home uniforms.

According to the team, the new “Diamond C” will be an evolution of Block C and “respects the tradition and heritage of Cleveland Baseball.

The new C stands tall just as the Guardians of Traffic stand watch over our ballpark and city  The weight of the C is bold and tapered shaped.

The cap has the Diamond C boldly written on it.


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