Coleman Laffoon is known to be an American Real Estate Agent known for being the founder of Laffoon Group. According to the sources, he as well worked for and as a Cameraman in the TV Show titled Ellen DeGeneres: American Summer Documentary (2001). He also worked on the TV show “The Dead Will Tell (2004). He was known to have been born on October 7, 1973. He was known to have been born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States. He is known to belong to Christian Religion.

As of now, he is known to be 48 years old at the time. And is known to possess a zodiac sign as Libra. His father is known as Polk Laffoon IV, his dad was said to have been the Vice President of Corporate Relations for the Newspaper, “Knight-Ridder.” He is said to be married to one Alexi Laffoon who is as well known to be a Real Estate Agent. They are believed to have a company called “The Laffoon Group”. They a known to have been married in the year 2015 in May.

Coleman Laffoon Children
Coleman Laffoon and their wife

Who are Coleman Laffoon’s Children?

Meet Homer Laffoon, Emmylou Polk Laffoon, and Zoey Marine Laffoon children of Coleman Laffoon. Homer was known to have been born on March 2, 2002, in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Emmylou Polk Laffoon is also another child of the deceased Laffoon. Zoe Marine Laffoon on the other hand was born in the year 2014.


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