Conrad Janis was a movie star as well as a jazz trombone from the United States. He was most known for playing Frederick McConnell, Mindy McConnell’s father, in the television show “Mork & Mindy.” He sadly passed on March 1, 2022.

His early years was spent in Manhattan, where his father, Sidney, was an art dealer and avid writer. Harriet, Conrad’s mother, is also a writer. As a voice worker, he began his career in radio telecasting.

Janis began his career as an actor, portraying the title character in the play “The Dark Of The Moon” during its initial run. In March of 1945, he was said to have made his Broadway debut. He played Ronald Stevens in the film “Snafu,” and later “Johnikins” in the film “Margie” (1946).

In addition, he appeared in the film “Fit to kill” which was released on November 19, 1950. Janis was well-known for his prominent parts in several films. “Golden Girls” “The Buddy Holly Story” and Goldie Hawn/George Segal are just a few examples.

When we look at his personal life, he was engaged to three women they all died including the recent one he was with before he also passed away

Who Are Conrad Janis Children?

Conrad according to sources has two children. Their identity is not yet known as of now. We will update once they are out.




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