Who Is Conrad Janis?

Born on February 11, 1928, in New York in the United States Conrad Janis was an Amazing jazz trombonist who sadly passed away recently on March 1, 2022 in Los Angeles at the age of 94. He was known for his role as Mindy McConnell.

His early life erupts from Manhattan, his father is called Sidney who was a dealer in arts and an ardent writer. Conrad’s mother is called Harriet who also writes. He began life with radio telecasting as a voice worker.

Janis began his career as an actor who role-played the work “The Dark Of The Moon”  during its immediate run. He was reported to make his first broadway run in the year March 1945. He featured in the film called “Snafu” as Ronald Stevens, then “Johnikins” in the film called Margie (1946).

He also starred in the movie called “Fit to kill” which surfaced on November 19, 1950. Janis was prolific in his starring roles in numerous movies. Like the “Golden Girls”, “The Buddy Holly Story” and the Goldie Hawn/George Segal.

Conrad Janis Net Worth

Conrad Janis’ current net worth is estimated to be $1,386,000, based on a $412,128 annual salary and anticipated income.

Conrad Janis Cause Of Death

His death cause has yet to be revealed to the wider public.

Conrad Janis Wife

In 1987, Janis later married Grimm for the third time. They wedded till September 2021, when she passed away.

Conrad Janis Children

Conrad has two children before his death. Their names and identity have not been revealed yet.

Conrad Janis Age

Conrad Janis is 94 years.



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