Conrad Janis Parents: Meet Sidney Janis and Harriet Grossman Janis

Even though Conrad is a legend and has achieved a lot, we forget his root and those who nurtured him and brought him to existence. Like everyone else Conrad has parents too and for a fact, he was the type that enjoyed both parents’ nurturing.

Meet Conrad Janis Parents; Sidney Janis and Harriet Grossman Janis.

His early years was spent in Manhattan, where his father, Sidney, was an art dealer and avid writer. Harriet, Conrad’s mother, is also a writer. As a voice worker, he began his career in radio telecasting.

Janis began his career as an actor, portraying the title character in the play “The Dark Of The Moon” during its initial run. In March of 1945, he was said to have made his Broadway debut. He played Ronald Stevens in the film “Snafu,” and later “Johnikins” in the film “Margie” (1946).

Conrad Janis Parents

Conrad Janis’s dad who is called Sidney Janis was a rich manufacturer of cloth and a director as well as an art collector. He was born on July 8, 1896, in Buffalo, New York in the United States.

Conrad’s dad became famous for his art gallery in his years of expertise in the artwork. It will interest you to know that his work brought about great legitimacy to Americans. His mother Harriet on the other hand has not much information on the spotlight but was born in the year 1925.

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