Who are the Cowboys Linebackers in all times ?

Dallas Cowboys is a professional football team in the States. My list contains the best set of LB over the years starting from the number five. Have a feel of what it takes to be the hardest position player in football.

5. SEAN LEE 2010 (till Present) 

Injuries have really held him back but when healthy, Sean Lee is one of the best linebackers I have ever seen. He is an extremely intelligent player and his work ethic is unmatched.

He is a student of the game and he lives in the film room. His impact on the Cowboys defense is beyond measure as they often cannot function without him.

With his sure tackling, excellent coverage skills, and the ability to read, react and make plays on the ball he could have had a Hall of Fame career if he could have only stayed healthy.

4. KEN NORTON JR.(1988-1993)

Ken Norton Jr. is the son of former boxing World Champion Ken Norton and like his father, he was a hard hitter. Norton Jr. was the unquestioned leader of the #1 ranked Dallas Cowboys defense that won back to back Super Bowls in 1993/1994.

In 1994 the 29ers signed Ken as a free agent. Afterwards, he became the first player to become Super Bowl champion in 3 consecutive seasons.

Ken Norton Jr. was largely underrated player prior to winning the Super Bowl. He led the leagues #1 ranked defense which did not feature a single Pro-Bowl player during the 1992 regular season.Ken Norton Jr.worked tirelessly and got selected to win 3 Pro-Bowls and earned All-Pro honors twice afterwards.

3. LEE ROY JORDAN(1963-1976)

Roy had a relentless work ethic that allowed him to overcome his size limitations and make plays all over the field. He recorded 32 Interceptions in his career and added 18 fumble recoveries. The 2nd leading tackler in team history, Jordan also made the Pro-Bowl 5x’s and was named All-Pro on 2 occasions. In 1973 he was voted the NFC Defensive Player of the Year.

2. CHUCK HOWLEY(1961-1973)

Chuck possessed elite speed and athleticism and had an uncanny knack for making plays on the ball. He recorded 25 career INT’s and added 18 fumble recoveries. chuck chalked 6x Pro-Bowls and being a 6x All-Pro.

Howley also owns the distinction of being the only player on a losing team to win the Super Bowl MVP Award. Surprisingly, Chuck Howley is not a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

1. DEMARCUS WARE (2005-2013)

DeMarcus was one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys players of All-Time, but I feel this ranking is more than justified. Aside from being one of the classiest individuals that have played for the silver and blue, #94 was blessed with rare physical abilities.

He was the best pure pass rusher of his generation and in the history of the Dallas Cowboys organization. He is the franchise’s all time sack leader and all time leader in forced fumbles. He also ranks 8th all time in career sacks in NFL history.

Ware’s unique ability to take over games was legendary and he brought that with him to Denver where he earned a much deserved Super Bowl championship. Ware was voted to the Pro-Bowl 9x’s during his career and he also received 7 All-Pro honors.

DeMarcus Ware also led the league in sacks twice (tied for an NFL record) and came within half a sack of becoming the only player to register 20 sacks in two separate seasons.

It is a sad that he was never named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year during his career but it could be said that he was robbed in 2008 when James Harrison (from Steelers) won the award over him.


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