Poet Daniella Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 7 is not a fan of the dramatic aspects of the show. The twin has high ambitions of being recognized for his poetry.

She is very honest, straightforward, a jack of all trades, and a master of some, but not all. She isn’t quite convinced that a person can fall in love at first sight.

BBNaija Daniella
BBNaija Daniella

Her hometown is Obudu, which is in the state of Cross River. Daniella is a gifted personality who is rapidly gaining in popularity and who is motivating everyone around her. Her name has already been etched in the entertainment world.

Since she has a strong aversion to being bullied and is a firm believer in playing by the rules, she is frequently the one to take the role of “the defender” in contentious situations.

Daniella is a person who is resilient, lively, and perceptive, and she enjoys getting to know new people.

She adores being a part of a large family and has a twin brother in addition to her five elder brothers and one younger brother. Daniella still has faith in love and is hopeful that she will find it one day, despite having recently emerged from a relationship that was unhealthy for her.

Daniella BBN Age: How old is Daniella BBN?

Daniella of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 7 is 22 years old. She was born in 2000 but the exact month is known yet.


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