Daniella BBNaija State of Origin: Which State Does Daniella BBN Come From?

One of the Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates is Daniella Utangbe Peters, also known merely as Daniella. She is a spoken word artist, actress, and content creator who is 22 years old. Daniella describes herself as tenacious, vivacious, and perceptive and says she enjoys meeting new people.

She enjoys being active and working out when she’s not singing, performing, or composing poems. She despises bullies and upholds the principles of justice, therefore she frequently intervenes as “the defender” in argumentative situations.

She adores being a member of a large family and has a twin brother, five older brothers, and a younger sister. Daniella still has faith in romance and is hopeful that one day she will find it, despite having recently ended a terrible relationship.


BBNaija Daniella
BBNaija Daniella

When asked what behaviors would irritate her housemates, she responds, “Based on study, it would be my sensitivity. I’m very conscious of both verbal and nonverbal cues. I don’t enjoy drama, but another of my traits is my pettiness. I am also very unpredictable.

Big Brother Naija, in Daniella’s opinion, is the ideal platform for showcasing her artistic abilities. “I’d like to work in the entertainment sector. I’m certain that I belong here. Her Instagram handle is @daniellapeters_official.

Which State Does Daniella BBN Come From?

Daniella is from Cross Rivers State in Nigeria.

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