Danny Duncan Papa Jim Cause Of Death

Papa Jim

According to rumors, internet celebrity Papa Jim died at the age of 92.

On May 12, YouTuber Danny Duncan shared the awful news on his Instagram account.

Because his family has not published a statement, it is unknown how Papa Jim died.

“Thank you for all the laughs and great memories,” Duncan wrote. Papa Jim, I adore you.”

Prankster Papa Jim, who turned 92 in December, used to feature in Duncan’s videos and participate in a variety of extreme sports, including skinny dipping and quad biking.

Thousands of people have paid tribute to the internet celebrity since Duncan’s tweet.

“Sorry for your loss,” remarked YouTuber George Janko.

Papa Jim has also been remembered by heartbroken fans.

Papa had been the victim of an internet fraud claiming his death.

Danny, on the other hand, debunked the claims based on a photo of him with Papa Jim with the text “Miss you Papa.”

Danny had to create an Instagram story with Papa Jim saying, “Alive and well.” after the same fake arose again a bit later. To put an end to the rumors, I need to shave.”

Papa Jim was a YouTube personality who was famous for his pranks on Danny Duncan’s videos. Whether it was skinny dipping or quad biking, he always gave it a twist.

Many people assumed Danny and Papa Jim were connected because of their strong friendship, but this is not the case.

Papa Jim, who died in December at the age of 92, was the grandfather of Duncan’s close friend David Tomchinsky, who works for Duncan’s brand as an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager.

Danny Duncan Papa Jim Cause Of Death

Papa Jim’s real cause of death is not known at the moment. His family is yet to bring out any credible statement concerning his death

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