A driving violation involving outdated registration plates was the reason for the charge, according to Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon, on the afternoon of April 11. As a result, officers uncovered a warrant for his arrest.

According to Chief Gannon, Mr. Wright retreated into his vehicle as police attempted to detain him.
One officer can be seen pointing a gun at him and yelling “Taser” in graphic body camera footage presented to reporters the following day. “I just shot him” and an expletive is heard by two other officers as the car drives away from the scene.

Several blocks later, the car collided with another vehicle. Mr. Wright was pronounced dead at the scene by police and emergency personnel.

According to Chief Gannon, “It is my belief that the officer intended to use their Taser, but instead shot Mr. Wright.”

According to the medical examiner, Mr. Wright died from a gunshot wound to the chest the next day.

As he was being pulled over, Mr. Wright called his mother, Katie Wright, according to his mother. Air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror, he said they were the reason they pulled him over.”

Ms. Wright claimed that her son dropped the phone and that she then heard “scuffling” and an officer urging Mr. Wright not to flee. When she called again, a woman who was in the car with him answered and informed her that he had been shot.




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