David Boggs Cause of Death

David Boggs’s cause of death was a result of heart-related issues. He died of a heart attack at the age of 71 On February 19, 2022, at Stanford University Medical Center in Stanford, California.

According to his wife, Marcia Bush, who spoke to the New York Times, the electrical engineer and computer scientist died on February 19th at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California. She went on to say that heart failure was the cause of death.

Boggs, a Stanford University graduate, began his career as an intern at Xerox PARC, a Silicon Valley research facility focused on developing a new type of personal computer.

Boggs spotted another new researcher, Bob Metcalfe, messing with the wires on an exciting afternoon. Metcalfe was looking into new ways to transport data to and from the lab’s new computers at the time.

When Boggs noticed Metcalfe struggle with the electrical impulses passing across the wires, he offered his assistance.

Following the event, the two became lifelong business partners and created the first version of Ethernet over the next two years.

By no means was Ethernet the first networking technology. Universities and businesses were already using ARPANET, a long-distance computer network that would ultimately become the internet, at the time.

Ethernet, on the other hand, was the first technology to allow several devices to be connected in close proximity.



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