David McKee, born on 2 January 1935 is a British author and illustrator best known for his work on children’s books and animations. He has gone under the pen name Violet Easton. He is often referred to as David (John) McKee.

In 2006, he was nominated for the biannual worldwide Hans Christian Andersen Award for his work as a children’s illustrator in the United Kingdom.

David McKee was born in Tavistock, Devon, England, and grew up there. He went to Plymouth College of Art after finishing grammar school.

He began selling one-off cartoons to the national press while still in college. After graduating from college, he continued to draw for magazines such as Punch, Reader’s Digest, and The Times Educational Supplement to support himself while painting.

The first book he sold was Two Can Toucan, a story he told in college. It’s about a South American bird with a massive beak that can carry two cans of paint. Abelard-Schuman published it in 1964, and Andersen Press reissued a 1985 edition with additional pictures by McKee in 2001.

David McKee Net Worth 2022

The late David Mckee has an estimated net worth of over $50 million USD.


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