Debbie Reynolds Biography: Net Worth, Movies, Cause of Death, Husbands, Children, Grandchildren, Parents, Age

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds Biography

Debbie Reynolds, a stage name for Mary Frances “Debbie” Reynolds, was an American actress, singer, and businesswoman who worked in the entertainment industry for almost 70 years. On April 1, 1932, she was born in El Paso, Texas, in the United States.

Debbie Reynolds debuted her show, The Debbie Reynolds Show, in 1969. For her performance, she received a Golden Globe nomination. For her work in the Broadway revival of the musical Irene, she was nominated for a Tony Award in 1973 for Best Lead Actress in a Musical. She was also a nominee for a Daytime Emmy and an Emmy for her performance as Bobbi, Grace’s mother on Will & Grace in 1999.

She made a connection with a new, younger generation with her depiction of Aggie Cromwell in the Disney Halloweentown series at the turn of the millennium. Debbie: In 1988, her book, My Life, was released. Her second autobiography, Unsinkable: A Memoir, was released in 2013.

In addition to creating the documentary Bright Lights on her life, she received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2016. It featured her, Carrie Fisher, and herself, and it was her last performing part in a motion picture. On HBO, it made its debut in January 2017.

Debbie Reynolds’s Net Worth

Debbie Reynolds’s Net worth was estimated to be $85 million at the time of her death.

Debbie Reynolds Movies

Debbie Reynolds had over 50 movies she played roles. This includes A Visit with Debbie Reynolds in 1959, The Story of a Dress in 1964 and the Picture in 2012.

Debbie Reynolds Cause of Death

Debbie passed away on December 28, 2016, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, as a result of a hemorrhagic stroke.

Debbie Reynolds Husbands

Debbie Reynolds had three ex-husbands. Their names are Eddie Fisher, Harry Karl and Richard Hamlett.

Debbie Reynolds Children

Debbie had two children. Fellow actresses, Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher.

Debbie Reynolds Grandchildren

She has one grandchild called Bille Lourd.

Debbie Reynolds Parents

Her parents were Maxine Harmon and Raymond Francis Reynolds.

Debbie Reynolds Age

Debbie was born on April 1, 1932. She was 60 years when she died.

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