Deji was defeated by Alex Wassabi, a debutant, for the third time in as many fights. If KSI scored an unwelcome hat-trick, his brother had threatened to retire.

The first three rounds were slow, with both trying to avoid strikes from the other. Except for when a fan jumped into the ring during round two. He staged the stunt to gain attention but was ejected from the ring by security.

Both boxers began to strike lethal blows on each other near the conclusion, but the battle ended without a knockout. Wassabi was named the victor after a 50-50 decision.

And it appeared as though he may be controversially saved by the judges but Wassabi was granted the green light by a divided vote. Only one judge ruled in Deji’s favor, while the other two sided with American Wassabi.

After some spectacular undercard bouts, the grudge battle took place at Ovo Wembley Arena in front of a sold-out crowd.

Deji, 25, was cheered on by Anthony Joshua and his brother KSI, but he was unable to complete the task.

Daniel asked his followers whether they wanted him to retire or come back stronger for a future rematch after the match. As the two shook hands for a future fight, the crowd applauded the London YouTuber, nodding for a rematch.




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