The American League’s Detroit Tigers are a major league baseball team headquartered in Motor City (AL). With four World Series victories and eleven American League pennants under their belts since 1935, the Tigers have proven to be a formidable force.

In 1894, the Detroit Tigers were established as a minor league team in the Western League alongside the Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Baltimore Orioles (the Tigers are the only surviving member of the Western League to remain in its original city). From its original moniker, the Western League, in 1900, the American League rose to prominence as a major league affiliate in 1901.

Since 1934, the Tigers have worn a white jersey with navy blue piping down the front and an Old English “D” on the left chest, white pants, and a navy blue hat with a white letter D in the blackletter or textur/textualis typeface associated with Middle and Early Modern English and popularly referred to as “Old English,” even though it was not used for that language.

A script “Detroit” appears across their jerseys in orange on Tigers’ away outfits. The Tigers’ blackletter D initially appeared on their jerseys in 1904, after a year in which they wore a basic block D. After then, it was common to see the blackletter D until it was officially adopted in 1934.

After one season, the Tigers returned to their traditional jersey, which had the word “Tigers” scripted across the chest. In Major League Baseball, the Tigers are the only club to wear an away uniform that differs from their home uniform.

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