One of the qualified women who entered the Big Brother Naija 2022 house for Season 7 is Diana.

Diana describes herself as an enthusiastic person who wants to start her acting career, build a social network, use Big Brother Naija to establish her brand, and contribute to pressing global issues like poverty, education, and climate change.

Diana BBNaija Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Real Name,Date of Birth, Hometown, Parents, Instagram, Age
Diana BBNaija Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Real Name,Date of Birth, Hometown, Parents, Instagram, Age

She is also a manipulator at heart because her strategy is to gain the confidence of all of her housemates before exploitation.

BBNaija DianaWiki

As Diana has become a very popular person since she joined this prestigious reality show, there will be many people who will be emerging as her fans and want to view her beautiful pictures and videos on her Instagram handle (@diana.edobor).

In response to a question about her romantic relationships, Diana declares that she is single. Guys view me as affluent, needy, and too expensive to approach.

They realize I am actually a very lovable and down-to-earth person once they get to know me, she claims. Diana intends to play with all of her might!

BBNaija Diana Net Worth

As of 2022, Diana has an estimated net worth of $30,000 from her job as a project manager.

BBNaija Diana Real Name

BBNaija Diana whose real name is Diana Isoken Edobor is an Edo State-born project manager who is 33 years old.

BBNaija Diana Date of Birth

The exact birth date for BBNaija Diana has not been released on the internet but she is currently 33 years old as she is joining this year’s season seven of BBNaija.

BBNaija Diana Hometown

The location of the hometown of BBNaija Diana is currently known but it is known she was born in France but she now resides in Abuja.

BBNaija Diana Parents

Diana is gregarious, family-oriented, motivated to advance personally, and intrigued by different cultures. Diana places a high value on friendship and believes in treating others with love, loyalty, and respect.

The names and information of BBNaija Diana’s parents have not yet been released at the time of this publication.

BBNaija Diana Instagram

You can visit Diana BBNaija’s Instagram account (@diana.edobor) to see her pictures and videos.

BBNaija Diana Age

The project manager, 33-year-old Diana BBNaija, is a female. She is adding a “French” touch to the program. Her preference for love over conflict is not surprising given her compassion and kindness.

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