One of the housemate in Brother Naija 2022 is Project Manager Diana Isoken Edobor, or just “Diana” in the Big Brother Naija House. She is 33 years old. Although she was born in France, she now resides in Abuja. She is outgoing, family-focused, driven to grow personally, and fascinated by other cultures.

Diana believes in treating others with love, loyalty, and respect and places a high importance on friendship. Diana admits that she is unmarried when questioned about romantic relationships.

Guys think of me as sophisticated, needy, and too pricey to approach. They realize I am actually a very nice and down to earth person once they get to know me, she claims.


BBNaija Diana

This energetic person wants to launch her acting career, create a social network, utilize Big Brother Naija to grow her brand, and make a difference in the world in important areas like poverty, education, and climate change.

Diana intends to play with all of her might! Additionally, she is a manipulator at heart since her game plan is to win the trust of all of her housemates and then take advantage of it. She has a net worth of about $50,000.

Which State Does Diana BBN Come From?

Diana is from Edo State in Nigeria.


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