Diana Zeldin Biography:

Diana Zeldin is the pretty wife of an American attorney, politician, and officer in the United States Army Reserve Lee Zeldin.

Diana is known to be a very private person who tries as much as possible to keep her life very private and on the low away from all the media as well.

Lee Zeldin And Family

She is a mother of a twin named Arianna Zeldin and Mikayla Zeldin.

Diana is said to ve a part Of the Mormon culture group.

Diana Zeldin Net Worth

Diana Zeldin has a net worth of $3 Million

Diana Zeldin Maiden Name

Diana was known by the maiden name of Gidish before he got married to Lee Zeldin

Diana Zeldin Husband

Diana is married to Lee Zeldin

Diana Zeldin Instagram

Diana Zeldin does not have any klnown IG handle at the moment

Diana Zeldin Age

Diana Zeldin’s age is unknown at the moment

Diana Zeldin Wiki

Who is Diana Zeldin?

 She is the wife of Lee Zeldin an American attorney and politician

How old is Diana Zeldin?

Not Available

How tall is Diana Zeldin?

5 feet 5 inches

Who is Diana Zeldin married to?

Lee Zeldin

How much money does Diana Zeldin earn?

Not Available

How much is Diana Zeldin worth?

over $1 Million



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