Did Anna May Wong have a Husband?

Anna May Wong

Suffice it to say that Anna May Wong Liu Tsong, an actress, was born in the USA. She was the first Chinese-American to become known all over the world,

and she is often thought of as the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood. As part of the American Women’s Quarter series,

which will run from 2022 to 2025, she is not only the first Asian American to appear on US currency but also one of the first women to be featured on the reverse of a quarter.

On January 3, 1905, one block north of the Chinatown section in Los Angeles, California, Anna May Wong entered the world.

She was Wong Sam-sing and Lee’s Gon-second toy’s daughter. Wong Sam-sing and Lee Gon-toy had seven children together.

When the family moved to Figueroa Street in 1910, they were the only Asians for blocks around. At the tender age of nine,

she began begging her father for acting jobs, and her fascination with the movies earned her the nickname “C.C.” (short for “Curious Chinese Child”).

Anna May Wong helped white Americans recognize the humanity of Chinese Americans during a time of widespread racism and prejudice in the United States.

Her worldwide fame is largely due to the success of her novel “The Toll of the Sea,” which was first published in 1918.

Working Title Films is developing a biopic, and talks are underway with Gemma Chan to play Wong. Reportedly, Li Jun Li will play Wong in Damien Chazelle’s upcoming drama Babylon.

Did Anna May Wong have a Husband?

There is apparently no record of Anna having married; yet, many unsubstantiated rumours circulated that she had planned to wed a wealthy man. She told a reporter from the New York Herald-Tribune,

“She is married to her art,” making it apparent that Anna never tied the knot during her time in life

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