Did Deji lose to Alex Wassabi?

Yes. Deji was defeated by rookie Alex Wassabi for the third time in a row.

KSI’s brother had threatened to retire if he scored an unwelcome hat-trick. And it appeared as if he could be controversially saved by the judges, but Wassabi was granted the green light by a 50-50 vote.

Showstar Boxing’s first-timer Wassabi was clearly the more experienced boxer. The interloper¬†climbed in during the second round but was quickly expelled by the crowd.

As the fight went on, Wassabi was almost denied victory by the judges until he was declared the winner by a split decision.

Wembley Arena was rocked earlier when Ryan Taylor headbutted DK Money in the first round.

A disturbance ensued after Taylor was disqualified, causing the rest of the card to be put in jeopardy. Even though all of the other battles were decided by judges, they continued.

When the fight resumed, Deji showed off his clever head movement, slipping strikes but not being able to respond.

Despite his lack of skill, Wassabi outperformed his British opponent.

To the dismay of Deji’s supporters in the Wembley Arena, he had to settle for a draw in the judges’ booth.


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