Did they Take Scott Hall off Life Support?

After a series of cardiac attacks, Scott Hall was taken off life support.

Hall was put on life support after three heart attacks, as reported over the weekend. Hall damaged his hip earlier this month and had hip surgery, but a blood clot was released, resulting in heart attacks.

Kevin Nash, Hall’s longtime friend, and tag team partner said on Instagram that Hall would be taken off life support at Wellstar Kennstone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, as soon as his family was in position.

Hall died, WWE announced Monday night at the start of its Raw television program.



Hall rose to prominence in the WWF as Razor, widely known as “The Bad Guy,” winning four intercontinental championships during his time with the promotion.

At WrestleMania X, he also starred alongside Shawn Michaels in a classic ladder fight to determine the true intercontinental champion, which was one of the most influential events in wrestling history.

Hall struggled with drug and alcohol addiction during his wrestling career, which he would battle for the remainder of his life.

Hall withdrew from active competition in 2010 when his TNA contract was terminated due to legal issues coming from an alcohol-related incident in a Florida bar.




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