Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, known in Big Brother Naija as “Doyin” is a 26-year-old medical radiographer from Ondo State is a contestant for the N100 million grand prize in Big Brother Naija Season 7.

She says that depending on the circumstance, she will not hesitate to display either aspect of her personality, which she likens to a hybrid between Michelle Obama and Cardi B. Because she is “a bundle of surprises,” you can never be sure what you will get from her.

Doyin loves to read, go out, and put in a lot of effort as a medical radiographer. She can appear to be a tough cookie, but on the inside, she is a real softie. She is  a brilliant manipulator, plans to inject positivity and a little bit of scorn into Big Brother Season 7. She places a high importance on loyalty and will do anything for the people she loves and her friends. Since many people couldn’t handle how brutally honest she can be.

Doyin has had a hard time forging friends. However, she is glad to have two close pals because they are really important to her. Doyin is optimistic that Big Brother Naija will cause her life’s trajectory to change. “I find medicine to be incredibly boring, therefore I want to see if there is anything for me in the entertainment world. In addition, I merely wish to increase my current level of income, ” she added.

Is Doyin BBN Single or Married?

Doyin is not married and is not engaged to anyone but she hints of having a man in her life.


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