On Friday about 4 a.m., Fletcher was allegedly being chased and forced into a black SUV while out on a jog in an area close to the University of Memphis. After her husband reported her missing and her phone was found on the street, authorities found security footage of the area that allegedly depicts a black GMC Terrain going by the woman.

A male was then seen coming out of the SUV, approaching her “aggressively,” and shoving her into the passenger seat, according to the video presented in the affidavit.According to the affidavit, the SUV remained in a parking lot with both occupants for over four minutes before leaving.

After discovering the GMC Terrain in a parking lot close to Cleotha Abston’s home in southeast Memphis over the weekend, police detained and charged him, according to the affidavit. He was accused of evidence tampering and especially aggravating kidnapping. According to the Shelby County Jail, 38-year-old Abston is being held there on a $500,000 bond and is due in court on Tuesday.

Eliza Fletcher

Uncertainty surrounds his legal representation. Police claimed that Fletcher’s last known outfit consisted of a pink jogging top and purple running shorts. According to the authorities, she is White, 5 feet 6 inches tall, and has brown hair and green eyes. She has 137 pounds on her. According to a tweet from the school, she teaches junior kindergarten at St. Mary’s Episcopal School.

Is Eliza Fletcher Married?

Yes. Eliza Fletcher is married with two children. Her husband goes by the name Richie Fletcher.


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