One of the eligible male Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates who was approved for the Season 7, Level Up edition is Eloka Paul Nwamu, commonly known as Eloswag. His boast is that he is the next big thing to come out of Nigeria and that he auditioned to make the House crazy fantastic. He is a 27-year-old digital marketer and content producer from Lagos.

In addition to being vivacious, self-assured, and talented, Eloswag, who views his mother as his superhero, believes he is popular with women. He laughs and continues, “I’m a fantastic guy and the girls love me.

Eloswag admits he is currently unmarried and is not in a rush to get married because he has already been “given his breakfast” a few times. Additionally, I believe that relationships are only successful if you are wealthy.


Big Brother Housemate Eloswag
Big Brother Housemate Eloswag

He thinks that ladies like him. He says, laughing, “I’m a great man, and the girls adore me. Eloswag, who is now single, acknowledges that since he has already been “fed his breakfast” a few times, he is not in a rush to get married. 

He likes to try new things, and he believes Big Brother Naija is the ideal show for him. “I like to socialize and network, and I want to have fun. He says, “I think this platform was created to encourage the youngsters and the chosen candidates, and I think I would be the perfect fit for the post.”

Which State Does Eloswag BBN Come From?

Eloswag is from Delta State in Nigeria.


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