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Elsa Klensch Net Worth and Cause of Death

Who is Elsa Klensch?

Elsa Klensch was an Australian-American journalist, novelist, and television personality, often working in the world of fashion.

Born on February 21, 1933 (age 89 years), Western Australia, Australia Elsa was said to have worked as the producer for her own show dubbed the Style with Elsa Klensch.

The show was CNN’s weekly fashion and design television program, which ran from 1980 to 2001 and gained a lot of people watching during the time it was been shown.

Klensch began her career in 1958, at the Sydney Daily Telegraph while studying journalism at Sydney University. With the byline Elsa Barker (she adopted Barker as her professional name because Aeschbacher was difficult for people to pronounce, spell, or remember.)

Elsa is said to have also written a book titled Style, which is a practical, illustrated advice book focused on helping women to define and develop a personal, individual style.

Elsa Klensch Net Worth

The producer and host of Style with Elsa Klensch, Elsa Klensch was said to have had a net worth of  $950,000 which she accumulated from her fashion works and time as the producer and host of her show.

Elsa Klensch Cause Of Death

The cause of Elsa Klensch is not known at the moment as there is no report online to ascertain what actually caused the death of the first person who paved way for fashion to be broadcasted on television.

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