Fardeen Khan Nationality: Is Fardeen Khan from Afghanistan?

Fardeen Khan is a film actor from India. He is the son of actor, director, and film producer Feroz Khan, who won a Filmfare Award in 1999.

On March 8, 1974, Fardeen Khan was born in Mumbai, India. Feroz Khan, the actor, director, and producer from Bollywood is his father.

His mother’s side of the family is Sindhi. Laila Khan Khan is his younger sister. Sanjay Khan and Akbar Khan’s nephew Khan is an actor. Suzanne Khan’s cousin, the actor Zayed Khan, is his uncle.

Khan came to India to seek a career in film after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a degree in business management. He trained in acting at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute.

Khan made his acting debut in the drama Prem Aggan in 1998, winning the Filmfare Best Debut Award for his performance.

Fardeen Khan is married to Natasha Madhvani and has two children with her: Diani and Azarius. On December 14, 2005, they married in Mumbai.

Fardeen Khan Nationality

Fardeen Khan is Indian. He was born in Mumbai, India

Is Fardeen Khan from Afghanistan?

Fardeen Khan’s Paternal Grandfather Sadiq Ali Khan Tanoli is an Afghan from Ghazni, Afghanistan. Khan’s roots trace back to his Grandfather so he is of an Afghan decent

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