Frank Pollack like the rest of his colleague’s coaches is an offensive line coach active for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League

He is also a former player as well. He featured as a player for the Cowboys for approximately 3  seasons. Frank Pollack who is an American Football Coach was born on November 5, 1967, in Camp Springs, Maryland in the United States.

As a player in the Bengals, he played his part in the whole process of gameplay and later on retired. After some time he came back as an offensive line coach and game coordinator.

Frank in his National Football League career was drafted by the San Franciscans in the normal routine pick which happened to be the sixth round of the draft pick from his original start up a base called Northern Arizona.

He featured and functioned as a player for a  period of eight seasons with a total amount of ninety games including guard and tackling roles. He earned the Super Bowl title in the year 1994.

Frank Pollack Salary: How Much Does Frank Pollack Earn?

Let’s look at Frank’s take home which is likely to include his playing career and current job as a coach. Unfortunately, Frank’s salary is not known. It looks like there are no updates on his salary amount.


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