Frank Vogel Wife Jenifer Vogel Wiki, Career, Children, Net Worth 2022

Frank Vogel is a well-known NBA coach who has worked with the Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, and other teams. His reputation is not just as an excellent coach, but also as a trustworthy and warm-hearted individual who believes that cooperation is the most important component of success.

He is widely regarded as the most adaptive and pleasant NBA coach, emphasizing cooperation above all else. Jenifer Vogel is Frank Vogel’s wife.

They met while Frank was working as an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics, and they married in 2002. Jenifer has avoided the limelight during Frank’s coaching career and is not on social media.

Jennifer, on the other hand, has stood by her husband throughout, caring for their children while Frank is away.

Jenifer Vogel Career

Jenifer is a career mother who takes care of the household, and her two daughters, Arianna and Alexa

Jenifer Vogel Children,

Frank Vogel and his wife, Jenifer have two kids, Arianna and Alexa. The couple’s two kids are now adolescents. Both of the children love soccer, and Frank even coached one of Alexa’s games while she was in fourth grade. “It was amazing,” Alexa commented at the time, “but I believe he should stick to basketball.”

Jenifer Vogel Net Worth 2022

Jenifer’s net worth is currently unknown.

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