Fredrick Arthur Cooke was a Birkenhead born, who was born in January 1924. He was known to be a navy during WWII. Fred was known to have trained on British beaches for the D-Day landing and sailed to the City Of France assisting in the transport of troops and tanks. He was given the name the Cat by his family because he had so many lives. As interesting as it sounds, it made some sense to some extent.

According to reports, he resigned or was discharged from the Army after there was an issue of him contracting TB. He was then sidelined and taken to Cheshire to recover fully. At the time he was 98 years old. Fredrick died recently as a former Army officer.

Frederick Arthur Cooke
Frederick Arthur Cooke

Frederick Arthur Cooke’s Wife And Children

According to the reports, he was married with a son called Derrick.

Fredrick Arthur Cooke Grandchildren

Fredrick was indeed a proud granddad. However, the identity of his grandchildren is not known.

Frederick Arthur Cooke Career

He was known to be a Navy Seal before his death.

Fredrick Arthur Cooke’s Net Worth At Death

His net worth at the time of his death was an estimated amount of 2 million dollars as of 2022.

Frederick Arthur Cooke Cause Of Death

He was known to have died of natural causes.


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