Gilbert Gottfried Biography

Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried was an American stand-up comedian and actor. His persona as a comedian featured an exaggerated shrill voice and emphasis on crude humor.

Born on February 28, 1955, in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States of America, Gilbert passed away on April 12, 2022, Manhattan, in New York, in the United States.

Gilbert Gottfried

Gibert had a height of 1.65 m and married his wife by the name of Dara Kravitz in the year 2007 till his dead in 2022.

He is the son of  Max Gottfried and is also a father of two children himself by the names of  Lily Aster Gottfried and Max Aaron Gottfried.

Gilbert Gottfried Real Name

Gilbert’s real name is Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried Real Age

Gilbert Gottfried was 67 years age the time of his death

Gilbert Gottfried Height

Gilbert has a height of 1.65 m

Gilbert Gottfried Wife

Gilbert Gottfried was married to his wife known as Dara Kravitz

Gilbert Gottfried Children

Gilbert is known to have two children by the names of Lily Aster Gottfried and Max Aaron Gottfried.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Net Worth

Gilbert Gottfried is known to have a net worth that is estimated to be worth $8 Million


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