Wes Welker (Slot)

Welker is always the greatest slot receiver of all time. During his New England days, he caught 672 passes for 7,459 yards and 37 touchdowns. Welker would make five Pro Bowls and be a two-time First Team All-NFL selection.

Wes’ talent to the team like the 2009 Patriots team was apparent when his spectacular season would be spoiled by a season-ending ACL/MCL tear in Week 17 against the Texans.

That offense then struggled to put anything together on offense against the Ravens the next week in the Wild Card round and lost in his absence. One can not help but think that the fate of that game would have been much different for Brady and the Patriots with Wes on the field.

Curtis Martin (Running back)

Before going to New York, Martin played only three seasons in New England Regardless, his pure talent and ability at runningback were so undeniable that leaving him off this list would be borderline criminal. Martin reached the fourth spot on the Patriots’ all-time rushing list in those three seasons.

 Tom Brady (Quarter back)

Undoubtedly, Tom qualified to join this list. Since the sixth-round pick out of Michigan took over this franchise, he has led a once-helpless franchise to six Super Bowl titles and counting. Tom leads the franchise in wins, yards, touchdowns, completions, and quarterback rating (with over 100 attempts). This pick is undisputed.

Jim Nance (Fullback)

If there was a poll of one hundred old-time Patriots fans on whether the best fullback was Sam Cunningham or Jim Nance, it might split right down the middle. The margin between the two is very slim. Yet, Jim Nance gets the edge.

To this day, Nance is only a little more than one hundred yards behind Cunningham for the leading spot on the Patriots’ all-time rushing list. Yet, Nance has the most rushing touchdowns in New England history (45) in fewer games and on fewer carries than Cunningham.

Nance, the 1966 MVP, and two-time league-leading rusher, also did not have the advantage of rushing behind a pulling John Hannah or a tackle like Leon Gray.

Although, he did have Jon Morris to run behind. A line of just Jon Morris, however, stands no comparison to one with the greatest guard to ever do it and another Patriots’ Hall of Famer with him.


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