Black Boxed, 34, was murdered on Saturday in South Street Violence. He was known as “Japan Jackson” because of his ring name, Gregory Jackson.


It was a bad night on South Street in Philadelphia. In the middle of Philadelphia’s famous strip, a mass shooting occurred during the weekend.

Three people were killed and 11 were injured in the shootings, which took place in a parking lot. Alexis (27), Kristopher (22), and Japan were all killed in the attack.

Gregory Jackson, also known as Japan Jackson, was one of the victims of the South Street shootings. Japan Jackson was a Philadelphia-based professional boxer and trainer.

He is well-known in the community for his work as a boxing and self-defense instructor in local schools.


Boxing and self-defense classes for children of all ages were among his specialties. Many of his students came from mostly Black neighborhoods.

One of the parents of a Japan Jackson-trained 9-year-old was interviewed by us. Japan Jackson was described by their parent as an excellent child educator.

‘Loyal Boyz Boxing gym’ was the brand name of Japan Jackson’s boxing and fitness program for children and adults. At 6-years-old, a lot of kids had the confidence to stand up for themselves in the community.


As a tribute to his boxing teacher, one of Japan Jackson’s students recorded and posted a rap to Instagram.

He used to be regarded as the “big brother” of most of the children in the area of Haverford Avenue.


‘Boxing saved his life,’ Japan Jackson claims. He used to feel that discipline was required to learn how to defend yourself.

If you’re disciplined enough to memorize someone else’s rap song and get nothing from it, I know you can apply that same mental discipline to mastering the art of boxing,” Japan would tell trainees.


As part of a philanthropic foundation called “AS I PLANT THIS SEED,” Japan offered free sessions to local youngsters in need with the assistance of his buddies.

Who Is Gregory Jackson Father?

Gregory Jackson’s father’s identity is not known at the moment. We will keep updating soon

Who Is Gregory Jackson Mother?

Gregory Jackson mothers identity is not known at the moment. We will keep updating you soon


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