Haidar Abdul-Razzaq was a brilliant, flexible defender who could play in any position. Prior to transitioning to defense, he played as a goalkeeper for the Al-Shurta young squad.

He began his playing career in 1995 with the Talaba youth team. In 1996, he was one of five players Nazar Ashraf brought into the Talaba first team; two years later, Adnan Hamad called him up to the Iraqi Under-17s.

He also played for the Iraqi Under-19s under the same coach. Dramatic victory in the AFC Youth Championship final vs Japan.

Haidar was called up by Milan Zivadinovic for Iraq’s 2002 World Cup qualifiers, making his debut on January 31, 2000 in Beirut against Lebanon in a scoreless tie.

During the 2002 World Cup qualifiers, he had three more appearances against Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, while Iraq was coached by Croat Rudolf Belin.

He signed for Al-Ansar in Lebanon in 2002, but returned to Talaba following the end of the war and established his position on the right side of the Olympic team’s defense.

Haidar Abdul-Razzaq died on 5 June 2022 at the age of 39.

According to a video uploaded on Twitter, several athletes and members of the media attended the funeral of Captain Haider Abdul Razzaq at the Neurological Wholesale Hospital in Baghdad, where he died.

Is Haidar Abdul-Razzaq Married?

There is no information about Haidar Abdul-Razzaq’s marital life.



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