What Happened to Georgia Turley?

Georgia Turley, who hails from Stockton, has not been seen since Tuesday night at about 9:30 o’clock, the last time anyone saw her was.

The youngster has not been seen or heard from since the time that they were last spotted on the Durham Road bypass heading in the direction of the Norton neighbourhood.

The Cleveland Police Department has appealed to the general public for aid in locating the little child who has been reported missing.

It is believed that she is a lady of the Caucasian race, around 4 feet 10 inches tall, with shoulder-length red hair that is wavy and curly.

In addition, Georgia never leaves the house without her glasses on when she goes to school. The last time anybody saw her,

she was dressed in a black hooded jacket, grey leggings, white sneakers, and a top that said “Pretty Little Thing.”

Georgia Turley is 12 years old (measured by years, not months and days). At the moment, we do not have any information on the month in which she made her debut.

Has Georgia Turley Been Found?

On Wednesday afternoon, the Cleveland Police Department announced that she had been found and thanked everyone who had helped spread the word about the missing person’s plea, according to our source.

Georgia Turley, aged 12, has been found and is in good health, according to a representative for the police department.

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