Former Dutch footballer, Hendrik Groot was born on April,22,1938 in Zaandijk where he was raised. He passed in the early hours of today May,11,2022 at age 84. He was the brother of former Dutch Footballer, Cees Groot who also played for Ajax and was related toDucth national player Kick Groot.

Groot, better known as ‘Henk Groot’ was a popular athlete and began his football career shortly after completing his formal education.

Henk Groot Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children, Career, Cause Of Death
Henk Groot Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children, Career, Cause Of Death


Henk Groot’s Career

Groot made his debut on August 23 1959 in a 3-0 win of Ajax against NAC Breda and played as a forward and attacking midfielder. He played 305 games for Ajax and scored 207 goals. He is remembered to be one of the top scorers in world football history.

Groot played for FC Zanndijk and IJVV Stormvogels in his youth career and began a senior career in 1959 when he played for Ajax and Fiejernoord. He later played for the Netherlands National team from 1960 to 1969 where he made 39 appearances. He had won many trophies in his career winning four Eredivisie titles with Team Ajax and three KNVB Cups.

Groot retired in 1969 following a knee injury and later worked as a scout for the Amsterdam Club.

Henk Groot’s Net worth

Groot had an estimated amount of $1.5 million as his net worth in 2022 at the time of his death.

Henk Groot’s Wife and Children

Currently, there is no information about Henk Groot’s wife or children as the late footballer never mentioned his relationship status or shared personal information with the public.

Henk Groot’s Cause of Death

Henk died in a care home at Zaandam and although the cause of his death is not known, we can, however, associate it with old age.

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