Madeleine Jana Albright who is now making waves as a result of the passing away yesterday 23 March 2022, was born on May 15, 1937, in Smichov, Prague, Czechia. Albrights history starts from her early ages where it is recorded that she was born Marie Jana Korbelova in the year 1937.

She was the daughter of Josef Korbel who is known to be a Czech diplomat. Her mother is known as Anna Korbel. Madeleine who hailed from Czechoslovakia at the time of birth saw Czechoslovakia be independent for 20 years. They gained independence from Austria-Hungary when World War I was over.

Her family has been moving from country to country particularly because of the nature of work and its related issues. They moved to Britain in the year 1939 in May. Her father in Britain worked for Benes’s Czechoslovakia government in exile. In the year 1948, Madeleine’s dad lost his Job when The Community Party of Czechoslovakia took overpower. His dad relocated them to the United States when he got a serving role in the UN.

Madeleine began her early career in Washington, D. C in the year 1968.

She worked as an aide to Senator Edmund Muskie and then moved on to the National Security Council, where she worked under Zbigniew Brzezinski. It may interest you to know that after Clinton won the election, Madeleine was instrumental in putting together his National Security Council.

Because of her unselfish actions, President Clinton recognized her and honored her by appointing her as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She held the position until Warren Christopher was appointed Secretary of State. She served as Secretary of State until Clinton’s resignation.

Her marriage life says she first married one Joseph Medill Patterson Albright in the year 1959. But they divorced in the year 1982. Since then there have not been any accounts of her re-engagement. Albright yesterday March 23, 2022, died of cancer in Washington, D. C. She died at the age of 84.


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