Hommer Laffoon is currently 20 years old. He was born to Coleman Laffoon and Anne  Heche.

They were married for five and a half years before divorcing bitterly and engaging in a custody battle for their son Homer, born in 2002.

Heche and Coleman Laffoon had to revise their child support and custody arrangements in 2017 despite their divorce being in 2007.

Meet Anne Heche

Anne Heche
Anne Heche

Anne Celeste Heche is the mother ofHomer and Atlas who is also a well-known actress in the United States.

She became well-known for her roles as the identical twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love on the daytime soap opera Another World, for which she received a Daytime Emmy Award as well as two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Heche was the fifth and final child to be born to Nancy Heche and Donald Joseph Heche.

She was born in Aurora, Ohio, on May 25, 1969. During Heche’s upbringing, her family relocated a total of eleven times; at one point, they even made their home among an Amish hamlet.

Heche’s romance with Ellen DeGeneres and what transpired after it ended attracted a lot of media attention.

In August of the year 2000, they officially ended their relationship.

She allegedly dumped DeGeneres in 2000 and began dating cameraman Coleman “Coley” Laffoon, whom she had apparently met on DeGeneres’ stand-up comedy tour the year before.

On September 1, 2001, she married Laffoon. A son was born to them in March 2002. After being married for five and a half years, Laffoon filed for divorce on February 2, 2007. On March 4, 2009, the divorce was legally finalized.

According to reports, Heche left her spouse for James Tupper. In March 2009, she and Tupper had a son.

Heche was severely injured during a series of two car crashes on August 5, 2022, in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The first crash had Heche’s Mini Cooper hitting a garage at an apartment complex. The second involved Heche crashing into a house and setting it on fire.

In a video taken just before the last collision, Heche’s car can be seen traveling down a residential street at a fast rate of speed.

Meet Coleman Laffoon

Coleman Laffoon was born in October 1973 and started out his life in Cincinnati, Ohio, but he moved to Gainesville to attend college.

Laffoon decided to make a career change to the real estate industry and in 2007 he got his Real Estate license in the state of California.

After waiting three years, he finally got a job as an agent with Hilton & Hyland.

Heche dated Ellen DeGeneres, the host of a popular talk show, many years ago.

They started dating after meeting at a Vanity Fair Oscar party in 1997, but their relationship lasted only three years.

After their breakup, Heche began dating Coleman, a cameraman on one of DeGeneres’ documentaries.

A spokesperson for Heche revealed the couple’s engagement in 2001 when the actress was spotted trying on wedding gowns in Beverly Hills.

Coleman blamed Heche for their divorce in 2007 because of her alleged inability to take care of their kid Homer.

He sought primary custody of the child and asked for financial support in the form of $10,000 in mortgage payments, monthly spousal support of $28,000, and other financial help.

Coleman married his coworker Alexi in 2015, and the couple now has two children, a boy named Zoey Marine and a girl named Emmylou Polk.

Coleman and his current wife are local business partners in the Miracle Mile area.


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