Actor, writer, and singer Leslie Jordan, who was 67 years old when he passed away, was cherished by many.

On his way to the set of “Call Me Kat,” Jordan apparently experienced a medical emergency, which caused him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into the side of a building in Hollywood, California.

Leslie Jordan
Leslie Jordan

Jordan’s most recent role was as a narrator for the series “The Book of Queer” on Discovery+. Prior to that, she was seen in the anthology series “American Horror Story” created by Ryan Murphy.

In addition, Jordan made an appearance in the sitcom “Call Me Kat,” and he had just recently wrapped up production on the film “Strangers in a Strange Land” directed by Tracy Pellegrino.

During this time, Jordan was preparing to star alongside Margaret Cho in the upcoming film “Ron.” The story follows a young girl named Ron who is befriended by her babysitter during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

1986 was the year when Jordan began his acting career, and by 1989 he had landed his breakthrough part in “People Next Door.”

In addition to appearances on “Top of the Heap,” “Reasonable Doubts,” “Boston Legal,” and “Hearts Afire,” Jordan’s television comedy career was driven by the film “Sordid Lives,” which also spawned a franchise.

The late actor and singer presented the candidates for the 2021 Academy Awards alongside Tracee Ellis Ross. The previous year, he released his debut gospel album titled “Company’s Comin’,” which featured Dolly Parton.


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